Some swedish paparazzi (newspaper) were waiting the whole day for Anja to show up so I went over  to their black BMW and took a photo of them instead 🙂

One of my biggest memories on the slope with Anja was when we were at the podium in the same race in Garmish SG 2009

Tomorrow is a different day one of my friends and team partner Anja will end her carrier. She have achieved so much, what we others just dream about and she have done a lot for the alpine skiing in Sweden.
After 10 years in the team it feels said and strange that´s she´s quitting but I totally understand her and it´s time to achieve other stuff in life. Thanks for all great memories, tips, wise words and nice times on the tour! You will be missed 🙂

I´m in Schladming for those who doesn´t know and it´s time for the WC finals so last SG tomorrow, Forza Forza will give all to end the season in a good way!
XO/ Jessi


3 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Ha ha ha, this one is really superb;) Great job taking photo of papparazzi;) Good luck to Anja on her new challenges! And good luck to you with races this end of the week!!

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