Andre Myhrer won,wow!

congratulation André!!! What a day!! He did an historical thing today, finishing his great season with a win and had to be top 2 to win the slalom cup and he did, so fun to see, he really earned it!



All the complements to Schladming as a host for the alpine world cup final. Everything has been working out in a good way, you can feel their passion for the sport and I never been on a race with that big crowd, amazing!

So what about me, first run I felt like I was cruising on top an then I wanted to go fast the lower part so I made the arc to short and didn’t go clean into the turns and I wasn’t so slow on top so I fouled my self, better feeling in the second but I was falling 3places so I finished 14th.
Anyway a great GS season, happy with what I accomplished and looking forward to the the next step next year!
I finished 10th int the GS cup 🙂

Now in Munich flying home this evening, will take it really easy for a couple of days now!!

lunch with Fysio Anna in the sun


3 thoughts on “Andre Myhrer won,wow!

  1. Jessica, top ten in both SG and GS this year! Great skiing and great athleticism!
    Congratulations and when you say that you are looking forward to the next step next season I know that those aren’t just words but what you can actually achieve.

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