Pics from this month

parallel on nationals in Hassela, Calle Lindh 2:nd and winner Fredrik Söderberg

Hallo there!
Haven´t been here for a while. I want to show you some pics from the last month that I didn´t put up before. It´s from Åre, Nationals and from home.
I´ve been home for 11 days now, feels good to sleep in my own bed for so many nights in a row. I had a cold for 2 weeks.. but now I´m on track again and this afternoon it´s time to do physical test. VO2 Max, running test on belt to see how well I kept the endurance during the season, interesting!

On Sunday it´s time to pack the bag again and fly to Åre, we will train 3 days and then go to Sälen were we have a weekend with a race, sponsorevents and trying to get more people to try all things on snow like, ski cross, mougles, speed ski and snowboard. A  lot of work and a lot of kids! Looking forward to stand on skies and train again, get to know the new GS skies a bit more and then I will do 2 FIS SG races in Norway to try the new SG skies.

Enjoy the pictures! Ciao //Jessi


Tight race between Therese Borssen and Anna Sween Larsson but Tessan won

Winner Paulina Grassl

Hassela made such a great job organising the races and a lot of people came to watch

Old cool picture on my mum 🙂 race in Tandådalen 1989 it was also the first time I did a race

Coffee time in the sun during eastern

Cleared half on my household goods this week

Audi test driving on the ice in Åre, so fun 🙂 not to easy to get the right timing in the curves with full skid (don´t know if this is the right word..)

Getting instructions

A great evening in Åre with friends


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