Mauritian grooming machine

Where ever I seem to go there is some kind of grooming machine , this one was a special kind tough. Mauritian sand grooming 🙂
We were one week on Mauritius in beginning of May to rest the body and soul!

Fresh lunch with good vedgetables

We were lying pretty much in the shadow none of us has a skintype that likes being in the sun to much

The hotel area from the seaside

The biggest moment on the trip was when we were swimming with dolphins, we were out far on the ocean and watched them for  while first and then we jumped in. I was nervous to jump in but the water is so clear so you could see the bottom and it was 25m deep.. I didn´t tough them but I was close and swam along! Cool animals and they had a show for us like here on the picture.

Everyday we sat on the beach watching the sunset, you can´t get enough of that

We played some golf, I did my first 18 holes in 4 years.. Some hits were really good and some really bad but I enjoyed it a lot. Activities if you want and combined with beach, sun, reading and really good restaurants made it to a good combination.

The beach were with as snow, it´s not sand it´s coralls and the water is clear. This was the closest I´ve been to paradis 🙂

Järpens ski gymnasium celebrated  40 years last weekend in Åre. Here with Johanna and Karin. So nice meeting all people from those years, we had a fun time!

Otherwise training start running good now, it has already from beginning but I´ve been so tired from the amount of training. No energy to do anything else almost. But I start to come in a good rythm so it´s just to push it!


One thought on “Mauritian grooming machine

  1. good to read you are having a great time & enjoying your summer break but looking forward to read about new season on the snow too;)

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