Summer time in Saas Fee

Maria is back on snow and with the team. Really nice having her back with us!
I´m impressed the way she attacks already on the skies and in the gym. I know how it´s like getting back from that kind of injury and I can see that she has done a fantastic job during the rehabilitaion, I wish her all luck for this season!



Tessan was in the winning team on our mini golf competition we had on the day off (I was not)


Saas Fee from the cable car


New recovery methods, ice cold water with ice to get fresh legs


Sorry for not having so good pictures, my camera has almost no battery so I have to use my phone which haven´t the best camera. This is the slope wer´re training in


Towe (physio) to the left is back with us for this camp, nice having her around again  and Oscar 3rd from the left is with us as a coach, giving Maria an extra support until October. Good people spreading positive energy!

We had 4 super days in a row now with sun and hard snow in the morning. Skiing is developing each day and extra fun yesterday, first time in the GS gates this camp. Feel stable but off course a lot to learn and work with especially timing on the new GS skies.
In the afternoon before dryland I try to catch some sun and tan since that was a rare thing this summer…


First day in GS Gates – big smile inside


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