A Saturday

My sister Linda and here husband Andreas got married 2 weeks ago on Gotland. They were so beautiful and it was a happy and succesful day ❤

Mum, sister x2 Maria and Linda and me

Me and my love

Lea my god-daughter

The wedding weekend was a happy story, BBQ in the evening at my sis place then the wedding and it ended up with a brunch the day after. 3 nice days with family extra fun meeting her kids cause I don´t see them that often!

On camp 3 right now in Zermatt, had some really good training days and I did some speed. This year we have a cooperation with Norway and Canada on the speed side and feels like were´re a sweet team! Skiing is getting in the right direction and I´m trying to find out the best material at the same time.

Speed team back together =)

I can´t get enough of this Toblerone mountain

Climbing with Frida and the other girls

Made it to the top! Not the funniest thing I´ve done not to exited but good to do something else and I got some pulse up there on the top..

Finally the Saturday:
Normal people sleep in (if you have kids if they allows you) take a long breakfast, read the newspaper and looking forward for a relaxed day maybe on the backyard or taking a coffee at some friends place.
I´m woke up pretty early after at least 8h of sleep, eating a healthy breakfast so my body would have energy for todays adventure.
It was crossfit 1 on the schedule, you run 400m Max and then you do 10 push ups and 10 high jumps forward straight afterward x6 maybe it doesn´t sound so tough but it is. Off course you rest in between the sets but it´s still pain in the as. Your thoughts are fighting all the way around that 400m the positive against the negative ones. The lactic acids are pumping and your short of breath I feel sick like I wanna puke. It´s not fun at that time and I feel anxiety. But I keep on running and doing the push ups and jumps, as a normal person you don´t but something inside us elite athletes makes us keep on pushing the limits, surviving pain and feels joy at the same time or at least after wards…I was lucky that Jonas was there training with me and pushing me, that makes it a bit easier, thanks!
Just wanted to share a saturday in September with you guys.


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