One week to go!

Last camp we had in Hintertux and we combined it with photocamp. Tried some new environments this year in the rain 😉 team picture was taken in a barn down in the village, pretty cool picture I most say!

Skiing was working out really good in GS last camp in tough conditions so then I started to feel ready for the race season. Just one week left to the world cup premiere in Sölden, looking forward as always for the race season to start. Right now it feels like we have been training so long and many days so it´s time to use the things we learned on training.
Last days in Hintertux wasn´t my best, pretty soft conditions since it came a lot of snow down here lately, that was necessary thou but not so fun to train on. The dark starts to take some energy from me, a little bit more sleepy than normal so after 11 hours sleep and  some reading in the sun today on the balcony I feel more powerful again!

Frida and me

team picture

Maria is making a winning pose in the rain

Hmm wait a sec which one was mine..

Last trip with the boat this year with Sofia, Jonas, Johanna and Tor who was visiting for the weekend ❤

A walk in Huddinge with mum

Picking autumn chanterelle with sis

Coffee time with dad

My beautiful city Stockholm, from a walk along djurgården

Wintertime in Hintertux the other day!


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