Farm life


I had a good time in Åre during the end of 2012 and starting 2013. Looking forward to see what this year has to enrich my life!
We were tourists on the slope and got some offpist but not so much snow and big risk of avalanches, but nice to just meet friends and hang around. On newyears day we had this great view from Åre Skutan.




IMG_6304 - Kopia


IMG_0077IMG_6360 - Kopia

Some pictures from christmas with friends, family and newyearseve!

Right now I´m in St Anton but I started this week in Hinterreit, we were pretty lucky with the training there cause it was warm and rainy some days. I stood on the SG skies for the first time in about a month, it was fun but I need some runs to get in to it again and build the confidence. It´s always nice in Hinterreit, we live just next to the slope and the farm, Peter and Renate takes really good care of us. I got a cold so Peter said his pearshots would help as a medicine… Don´t know if they do but now I´m starting to get healthy again.





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