Cortina d ámpezzo

The favorite week on the tour past quickly.

IMG_6418This was my best picture of the week I love the colours, the light and the Canadian coach Kurt standing on his position makes it more than just a scenery

St Anton was a tough race, I tried my best but I´m not “there” in SG. The start was ok and some gates in the lower turny section but otherwise I rise up and standing in a reserved position, I don´t have the right courage to just dive in as I did before but I know I have it some where and I´m working on it.

This week in Cortina it came a lot of snow about 70cm so they did a great job on the slope and got the snow away. The snow seems to follow the tour this winter.
On friday it was a beautiful sunny day and I enjoyed the DH, I was skiing like I haven´t in a while in speed so that was positive, then on the race I didn´t ski as clean and then I lost the movement a bit, so I ended up far behind.

Yesterdays SG was really snowy and they moved the start down. I was looking forward to race and I did what I could, some parts was good skiing and it was a step in the right direction and I got some points with me. It doesn´t match with my expectations for this winter in SG but I´m fighting to get back on top.


Jonas was with me during the week which made it even better ❤


IMG_64065 Torri



Catched Fischbacher on the way up in the lift


IMG_4409I worked for Rossignol one night, scraping and brushing my skies 🙂IMG_4488







A lot of skies were ready to perform for us Rossi racers but just a
few got picked out







Deborah Compagnoni Celebrating Her Olympic Win

Deborah Compagnoni was my idol when I was a kid, I loved watching her skiing. Now she was in Cortina on stage for the bib draw, never seen here live so it was an inspiring moment for me

IMG_4483Kajsa cool on start of the DH


The last day we had this kind of weather but still nice view but in a different way..

IMG_4486 - Kopia

I´ve been looking for brown rough boots for a long time and finally a found one pair in Toblach on Franz Kraler. It was an experience just to walk in there so much fancy cool stuff!

Now a day off in Hinterreit before the preparations for Maribor starts. Ciao


2 thoughts on “Cortina d ámpezzo

  1. Hi Jessica
    Must admit came across this by accident, very nice story and great photos. Well done. Really like the lift shot and think it is very cool that you help tune your skis. Oh and awesome, rocking brown boots, very hipster!
    You are rare all event skier, not many and not easy. Best of luck to you.

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