Let the Schaldming WSC begin!

IMG_6484Me and Sara this morning in Haus

It´s been snowing almost all the time since I arrived in Schaldming, this morning it was a really heavy snowfall and it was about 20-30 centimeters in the training slope so no ski training today.
Feels good to be here and we´re staying in a really nice hotel, it´s brand new with Danish owners so it´s a lot of Scandinavian people working here and the manager, she´s swedish that´s always sweet.


Christian Thoma & Lojze taking a coffee when training got cancelled

flattireBut the morning actually started like this… everyone left except me and Lojze so we had to run arround to get another car which we finally found. Got 15 min late but we didn´t miss anything in the end anyway


Finish area; the view from my room


The slopes the day we arrived

mamma o pappa

My fan club is here


So right now I´m writing this in my room while lighting a candle and then I will read a bit until lunch then in the afternoon it´s activationtraining, photo shoot, and press conference so I´m enjoying this easy time in bed

panorama Zauchensee

Pre camp in Zauchensee; first morning it was lovely like this and good GS training but then the snow came



So I put the powder skies on and went for some runs 🙂
It´s a great place to be on for training and super good hotel but the weather you can not change


I was home for 3 days after Maribor. Really happy about my 5th place and my skiing there, feels good to have that one in the back coming to Schaadming.
I love this “semla” from Tösse, they have the best ones in Stockholm. I regain power when I eat this lovely thing!


Celebrated Jonas birthday ❤

Race time tomorrow, Super G on the program and I really looking forward to ski as fast as I can, clean, by ins


2 thoughts on “Let the Schaldming WSC begin!

  1. “Let the Schaldming WSC begin! | jessicalindellvikarby” honestly makes
    me personally contemplate a small amount further. I loved each and every individual portion
    of it. Thanks a lot ,Winston

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