Super G race



This picture pretty much summaries why we had to wait 3h on start yesterday. I had startnr 2 which I was happy to have cause of the soft snow conditions but I could ´nt go inside cause they postponed with 15min every time and then it was to tight to go in.
But it was warm so no problem, we had some snacks, drinks and music so it was ok. The slope was really soft so it was a bit tricky to ski and for the later startnr it was on the limit to not skiable. Congrats to Tina Maze for her gold, she really deserves it and Lara who steps up when it´s championships and Julia Mancuso that always seems to know how to get a medal at every championships she’s starting in, cool Jules!


Bibs waiting to get on someones chest


Nice welcome comite in the finish by Camilla and Robban


I didn´t win any medal, but I tried my best and it was fun skiing. I did season best in SG and skiing was partly good so that´s what I will take with me.


Crowded and good atmosphere in the finish today on the mens Super G, great clean skiing by Ted Ligety that won, impressive!



Now I´m in Innerkrems were we will have our tech pre camp, looking forward to get some good GS turns in tomorrow 🙂


One thought on “Super G race

  1. Well Jessica, thanks for your insight into the poor / low light ( foggy) conditions that caused all the delays. The media never said anything about the ‘snacks, drinks and music’ on hand whilst waiting ( party!). Haha, of course not – Anyway, now i have a ‘sense’ of you i will cheer you loudly on from my TV. Wishing you sensational skiing at Schladming and beyond.

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