Brain charge

I left Schladming after the SG to meet up with the other tech girls. We had really good training in Innerkrems both normal conditions and on balked, icy conditions.
Took me a day to get going but then I found my skiing! Nice to hang with the girls and everyone is in a nice mood and looking forward for this week.




On my day off I went to Spittal and went for a walk along Millstätter see, it was really quiet down there, nice to get away from our hotel which wasn´t the funniest place to be..


IMG_6526Found a charming hotel for lunch



Back in Schladming, did some runs in Reiteralm yesterday, but I was a bit tired in my head so it was easy going. Today I will charge my brain, luckily it´s sunny so I can go gor a walk 🙂 The big day is getting closer and I just want it to start soon!!

Talk to ya soon //Jessi


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