Soaking spring sun

After World Champs I went home disappointed about my GS performance..I wanted more than a 13th place but didn´t ski good enough that day.
A week in Stockholm with a lot of Mañana (Manjana) seeing friends and family was good for the soul!


Dream team the “old ladies” Me, Maria, Tessan & Frida that been the longest time in the team together. Training in Carezza


Two lovely girls on our Spa / lunch date


In the finish in Schladming on the GS photo: Max Greimel


Watched my first X country race live in Val di Fiemme on their relay world championship, here Marcus Hellner who took Silver with Emil Jönsson


Took a picture from my first GS run in Schladming, pretty cool view coming in to the last pitch


Sitting in the sun after yesterdays SG race in Garmisch, good skiing by me and a season best 13th place. Feels like I know how to ski SG again 🙂 Ended up 26th in the world cup standing and 25 can race the final in Lenzerheide so it´s the first time in many years that I can’t race the SG in the finals but that’s the way it is and I still have a good chance in GS cup still, right now in position 7!


Good training in Carezza before Garmisch


Nice view on the top in Garmisch

A big mess with the pictures jumping from place to place this time…

Moved to Ofterschwang today, having a day off on the terrace in the sun, spring is really here now, so sweet!


One thought on “Soaking spring sun

  1. Dream team of the ‘old ladies’ – i guess for you to feel this it’s comparing yourself to the obviously young guns out there biting at your heels. I see / feel your point, but, really i had to laugh a little.

    Enjoy that warming sun.

    On another point: I really miss T.B. not competing – don’t you / doesn’t the team miss her too?
    I loved to watch her skiing technique.

    Do well in the closing season Jessica.

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