Obama in town!


  IMG_7299Swedish classics – cinnamon buns
Spending some time in the sun on the balcony, still an amazing start of the autumn

Historical moment when Obama came to Stockholm

IMG_7337 Said goodbye to grandpa who past away a month ago ❤IMG_7350 Parts of la familiaIMG_7362

Can´t get enough of this view

My lovely sisters, not so often we meet all three of us!

IMG_7383 IMG_7384

After all Zermatt gave us 4 good speed days


Lojze made a really good job, supporting, fixing fast skies, carrying clothes, have good ides what to do and not

IMG_7537IMG_7397 Best lunch at Furri and I can recommend their rösti mit schinken und spiegelei 🙂IMG_7531 - Kopia

“Toblerone” always impressive

I got sick after last camp so my planed physical tests got cancelled so I took some time to bake, watch the circus in town when Barack Obama came to Stockholm, it was a historical day for Sweden since no sitting US President has visited our country before. It was at least 2-3 police men’s or women in every corner, never seen so much police people and cars, pretty impressive.
Weather was good so I spend some time in the balcony reading a bit!

Zermatt gave us 4 good speed days, felt fun to be back on the long skies again 🙂 I did some progress during the days, pushed the limit more and more so I feel happy with that, it´s on the right way.

Two days off I Saas Fee, resting the body and brain, so now I look forward to be back in the slopes again tomorrow, but the rain is poring down outside so I hope it will be ok..


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