Monthly review


Nice sunsets in Mölltal last camp

So now it´s already 24th of October, that’s means 2 days until the race season 13/14 starts. First race is always here in Sölden, Austria and the event is GS.
We had good preparations in the end, I was tired and a bit out of order in my body for a while so some warm easy days in Nice was healthy!

I feel ready to go, the training period from beginning of august until now is pretty long so it´s about time to start now I think. Looking forward for the adrenalin in the body, the excitement, challenge and uncertainty of who is actually fast.


Nathalie in the focus, media starting to come arround when it´s getting closer to racestart





Home with Lovely people gives a lot of energy!


These Three Little cuties with families came for a visit




A weekend in Nice with surroundings was good for me. Fun days with Jonas, warm days on the beach and good food 🙂

See ya on tv or live on Saturday! Cheers //Jessi


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