Winter wonderland

bild sölden-13
Photo: Nisse Smith
Sölden first race this season, happy with a 8th place to start with and skiing was partly working really good. Finally the season is on 🙂 and next race I will start topp 7 that´s sweet.


Dundret gives you a nice view over Gällivare


North of Sweden s giving us a real Winter wonderland, -12 this morning and it´s crispy White outside. Even tough it´s dark this part of the year the snow is briting up a lot if you compere with Stockholm were it´s really dark now days..
This part of Sweden is exotic even for me that doesn´t go up here so often, people speak different, slow and with a lot of dialect. Everything breathes a different tempo and life then the life I live in Stockholm.



First day was shitty up here but then the coaches injected the slope so now it´s really good. Nice to be home for training and I even did 2 sessions of slalom, fun to do something else for a change. Tomorrow I fly home again for a week before it´s time for USA




Our sponsor ICA arranged so the athletes in the team could cook dinner for our other sponsors, nice to something different together. We made a soup out of Jerusalem artichoke and with some chips in from the same root and an apple cake for dessert so now the sponsors like us even more – perfect!

Ciao amigos //Jessi


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