Beaver Creek


IMG_8248Beaver Creek Square

So a bit of an update here from Colorado. We had 3 good SG sessions in Copper, nice to get some more speed in and it´s such a nice hill there. We also did some GS in Vail, it´s working fine in GS but I´m trying to let the skies go even more.
On our day off we went to Denver for some shopping, found some good stuff for me and christmas gifts!

 IMG_8261 Cosy by night with people ice skating, some open fires and musicIMG_7822 IMG_7830
IMG_7839IMG_7840They are ready for World Championships next year

   IMG_7842 IMG_7850 IMG_7853 IMG_7859 IMG_7860

It´s steap and turny

I skied the DH yesterday without success, but it was good to feel the slope and get to know the terrain. Tomorrow it´s time for GS training again and then it´s show time on Saturday and sunday 🙂
Forgot to tell you that we had a Swedish chef cocking for us in Vail the first days, so good to get real food over here and a Swedish touch on it, they call him “the tall swede” but his name is Mats, thank you for all lovely food!!

Ciao amigos //Jessica



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