From Cortina with <3 & snow


It´s every year kind of the same words from this place, but I can´t help that this is the favourite stop on the tour. I let the pictures speak for it self.
The new thing this year was that we spend two race weeks here, first week was not so good for alpine racing. It was snowing constantly for about 4 days, it came over 1m of snow, amazing how much snow that can come just like that and in this village you notice it pretty well on the small narrow roads around. So no races that weekend..
But then the last weekend we had normal Cortina weather and good conditions on the slope almost all days.
I was happy with my first SG race, then skiing was working fine and with some mistakes I ended up 18th and only 0.35s from top 10.
I did my first DH race this year =) kind of fun but I´m slow..
Second SG didn´t turn out the way I wanted, I was behind already from the start and it was dark and windy, I came late and missed a gate. Pretty unfair conditions with the sun and wind but I guess that´s outdoor sport.

IMG_7984  IMG_7993 IMG_7996



Crowded on inspection sometimes


Fun that Julia brings Anna around for a week

 IMG_8002 IMG_8016 IMG_8020IMG_8014

Best Fan Club on place



The only snowy pictures

Now it´s time for training in Tarvisio for the upcoming GS race on Saturday in Kranjska Gora //Jessan


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