Lessons learned, goals achieved and vacation done

2 a cupen

                 Happy moment – standing on the cup podium with a swedish friend

It´s been a crazy, funny, fast, interesting, dreamy, cool and lovely season. I´m very proud and pleased with what I achieved. It was also many new situations and things to learn about my self and to handle the pressure.
I want to thank everyone for their support and help from coaches, teammates, service, sponsors, family, friends, physios, without your pieces in the pussle I could never have done this!
Before the racing in Åre it was a lot of talk about the the GS globe. I forgot for a moment to focus on my skiing and didn´t feel the normal joy to race, I was not comfortable.
I love to race and that´s why I´m skiing, so day 2 in Åre I relaxed remembered why I´m doing this and then it was happy thoughts again!

pallen lenzerheide
                          3 rd place in Lenzerheide, 5th podium in GS this season
            This lady – Pernilla Wiberg gave me a lot of inspiration and made me dream                                about  podiums in the world cup when I was young

Rest mood
It was nice to get away on vacation, spend some more time Jonas, rest the body and brain and think of something totally different.

IMG_8432 IMG_8390 IMG_8266 IMG_8541 IMG_8485

Kram Jessica


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