About me

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog!
Here is some short facts about me:

Name: Jessica Lindell Vikarby
Born: 7 th of februari 1984 in Huddinge
Family: Boyfriend Jonas, Mum Boel, Dad Stefan and my sisters Maria and Linda and their familys
Profession: Alpine skier in the world cup
Likes: Meat, drive good cars, the colours pink and purple, shopping, being with my family and friends
Best resultsWorld Cup wins;
Beaver Creek GS 2013 & Cortina SG 2009,
2nd in the World Cup GS cup 13/14
Podiums World Cup season 2013/2014
2nd St Moritz GS 2013, 2nd Lienz GS 2013, 3rd Åre GS 2014, 3rd Lenzerheide 2014

Earlier WC results;3rd Garmish Partenkirschen SG 2009, 3rd Lake Louise SG 2007,
Sochi 2014                                  7th GS
Vancouver 2010                          SC 22nd, SG 26th, DH 30st, GS 31st
Torino 2006                                 Combined 8th, 18th GS, 18th DH, 24th SG
World Championships;
St Moritz 2003                             8th Comb, 13th SG
Santa Caterina 2005                   6th DH
Åre 2007,                                    19th Comb, 28th GS
Val DÍsere 2009                          12th SG
Garmisch Partenkirchen 2011     7th GS, 14th SG
Schaldming 2013                         13th GS, 15th SG

National champion 16 times!

Here you can read more about my results: http://www.fis-ski.com/uk/604/613.html?sector=AL&listid=&competitorid=35380&type=result


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