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  1. Hej ! Är en gammal man,77, som älskar utförsåkning och som följt dej i alla år Jag beundrar dej för att du aldrig gett upp – även efter den senaste (sista säger vi) svåra skadan. Ock nu vill jag säga stort grattis till den seger i WC som du så välförtjänt tog idag i Beaver Creek. Lycka till i fortsättningen !! Jan Gierup

  2. Hello Jessica…My name is Danilo and I’m a fan of skiing, even though I live far away from snow-covered lands. I live in Sicily, but I see a lot of skiing on TV. I would like to congratulate you, not only for the beautiful season you’ve had, even for the great sportsmanship that you’ve proven having been the first to congratulate Anna Fenninger for victory in the giant slalom. I think you are a great example of sportsmanship and kindness. People like you do very well to skiing and all sports. Greetings from Sicily …

  3. Dear hello !
    My name is Grzegorz Przybył . I’m 24 years old and live in Poland. I’m interested in sports , especially winter . Very you like . I watch your every competition. With attention I follow your poczyniania . I’m your biggest fan . I have your posters and pictures for the special plate . I really , really appreciate you for what you are doing. I wish you much success and trophies. I have always dreamed of Thy autograph . As I mentioned , I have a special plate with your posters and pictures . For my board I lack only autograph. Very I would have asked you to send an autograph to my email address :

    Grzegorz Przybył
    ul.Leśna 35
    64-530 Kaźmierz

    It is really import__ant to me . I really care for him , so if you can not upload it , then write it as I can get .

    PS I have one request : I would like the two autographs on the card ” Fischer ” .

    Grzegorz Przybył

  4. Hej Jessica
    is this still the adress to get an autograph card from you?
    Boel Lindell
    Bergakungsv 44
    S-14141 Huddinge

    best regards

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