Last week my skiing started to feel the way I wanted again and I´m glad I performed a good race here in Åre.
Third after first run felt great and I had a good flow in the run, second run was really tight I had some small mistakes but still I finished 7th. It was only 0.13s from the podium and I´m happy about the feeling I had =)
It´s luxury for us to be at home and this week we will stay and train here in Åre, perfect to have some extra days on the race slope and then some easier training in Duved.




Photo: Nisse Smith
Photo: Nisse Smith

IMG_3174.JPGFun training with this guy – Ted Ligety today here in Åre. He is a great inspiration for me in GS!


Breakfast at Åre Bageri with this ladies that had a great weekend, Maria won the slalom race which is amazing and Frida ended up 3rd!




Lessons learned, goals achieved and vacation done

2 a cupen

                 Happy moment – standing on the cup podium with a swedish friend

It´s been a crazy, funny, fast, interesting, dreamy, cool and lovely season. I´m very proud and pleased with what I achieved. It was also many new situations and things to learn about my self and to handle the pressure.
I want to thank everyone for their support and help from coaches, teammates, service, sponsors, family, friends, physios, without your pieces in the pussle I could never have done this!
Before the racing in Åre it was a lot of talk about the the GS globe. I forgot for a moment to focus on my skiing and didn´t feel the normal joy to race, I was not comfortable.
I love to race and that´s why I´m skiing, so day 2 in Åre I relaxed remembered why I´m doing this and then it was happy thoughts again!

pallen lenzerheide
                          3 rd place in Lenzerheide, 5th podium in GS this season
            This lady – Pernilla Wiberg gave me a lot of inspiration and made me dream                                about  podiums in the world cup when I was young

Rest mood
It was nice to get away on vacation, spend some more time Jonas, rest the body and brain and think of something totally different.

IMG_8432 IMG_8390 IMG_8266 IMG_8541 IMG_8485

Kram Jessica

Skiing again

Åre was showing its best side these last days. Beatiful sunsets, clear sky, good conditions on the slope. Good training company & it was fun and nice to ski again! Thanks for the federation office people helping out with training, they have a big heart for the sport and since our coaches has been all over the world last days their help was really valuable.

Now back home for some days and then gathering with the whole team again next week in Åre 😀




had a nice wood burning sauna last weekend with Jonas, perfect recovery after a nice birthday party for some friends!


last evening from Sochi

Farm life


I had a good time in Åre during the end of 2012 and starting 2013. Looking forward to see what this year has to enrich my life!
We were tourists on the slope and got some offpist but not so much snow and big risk of avalanches, but nice to just meet friends and hang around. On newyears day we had this great view from Åre Skutan.




IMG_6304 - Kopia


IMG_0077IMG_6360 - Kopia

Some pictures from christmas with friends, family and newyearseve!

Right now I´m in St Anton but I started this week in Hinterreit, we were pretty lucky with the training there cause it was warm and rainy some days. I stood on the SG skies for the first time in about a month, it was fun but I need some runs to get in to it again and build the confidence. It´s always nice in Hinterreit, we live just next to the slope and the farm, Peter and Renate takes really good care of us. I got a cold so Peter said his pearshots would help as a medicine… Don´t know if they do but now I´m starting to get healthy again.




Back in the game

So now I’m officially back in the game from my point of view.
8th place on a homerace in Åre was great and it was such a cosy/cool atmosphere there with the night race and perfect conditions! It was like when I was a kid then we always trained in the dark and with the lights on in Stockholm.
And then today’s skiing witch gave me a 6th place. 2 good solid runs. I found the timing in GS again and the joy to ski fast! Now home to Sweden and then Åre to celebrate the new year.

Have a great ending of 2012! 🙂


My & Jonas first mini Christmas tree


Happy for Fridas podium and Nathalie and Maria’s great results


Today’s pic

Swedish champ!






I defended my GS title from last year at nationals yesterday in I took my 13th Swedish champion title! Always nice to win and felt good to stand at the podium again 🙂 Frida Hansdotter was second and Sara Hector third.
Huddinge skidklubb, my club witch Im racing for took a bronze in the team results, that’s great many years since we did that before. It was the time when me, Janette Hargin and Christine Hargin did speed events then we took normally gold.
Celebrated with cake and watching Loreen (Sweden’s contribution to Eurovision songcontest) in the evening!
The weather here in Åre is unstable and has been bad lately so they cancelled the DH this week but will run 2 GS races instead.
Hanging with mom this week!

I´m in love

Feels so good to be here in Åre. Almost like a second home.
I have a sparkling feeling inside like when you have a crush!

Training GS with Julia today


View from our sauna, same suite as last year on Tott hotel, really nice place to stay in.

I´m sleeping while Bono is watching me

Photoshot with Gösta Fries today, a portrait that will be auctioned for “my big day” sick kids that gets the opportunity to do what they want for a day!

Time to sleep now, adios!

Summer here I come!!!

Now I have had the skies and boots on for the last time this season! I’m pleased with the camp this week and it feels that we are working towards the right direction to become faster skiers. I had a individual talk with the coaches to talk about how I wanted things in the future so now we are on the same track.
Our new team captain Fredrik Steinwall were on place and he fit in straight away in the group and I think he will be good for our team!

winter feeling in may, not bad



My dear friend Karin who lives in Åre have such a cute puppy ❤


This weekend I stayed in Åre to coach 90 kids from the region around Åre and Östersund. It was a lot of fun and interesting! Nice young people with good skills, I think we have some upcoming stars from this ones 🙂

Yesterday afternoon it was physical training



So summer here I come!