New adventures

                                                              Åre 2019

Summer days is ticking by fast, we had some really nice warm days during the last weeks in May. I was home for about 3 weeks in a row 🙂 that’s not often, but then I started to feel restless, needed to travell a bit. It was good I had a trip planed to Barcelona for the FIS congress.
I had some really interesting days there and we got the chair of the athletes comission to be able to sit in the council, not with a voting right but she can discuss and let the athletes voice be heard at the highest level and then bring some information back to the athletes!


                                                         Athletes commission


                  Åres exhibition stand were they offered some Swedish goodies


And then Åre got the world championships 2019, that’s so fun and great for the nation Sweden, the alpine sport and the sports movement in general!!! Wihoo 🙂

Then I had the chance to go to France to record a Swedish tv show “fångarna på fortet” on Fort Boyard outside La Rochelle on the west coast.
That´s was a real adventure, a game day for grown ups and it was fun meeting a lot of new people from different life styles and professions.



Fort Boyard



                             Swedens second strongest man – a good fight 🙂

Then we celebrated Swedish midsummer on Gotland at my sisters place with a bunch of friends and kids!




Always happy times on a wedding day –  Dessan & Petter ❤


Fun to meet in some other apparel than training clothes!

Adios Amigos //Jessica