Ja nu har nedräkningen börjat på riktigt, 2 dagar kvar till race, ser fram emot det som komma skall!
Idag har jag vilat men innan det så hade jag 3 bra skiddagar med klarblå himmel & grymt Colorado underlag, hårt, kompakt och greppigt 👌 jag kunde även trycka på max med ryggen vilket var väldigt glädjande för mig, sådana dagar älskar jag verkligen den här resan jag får vara med om!

Jag & Maria hade några härliga dagar i Los Angeles mellan pre camp & när vi kom hit till Vail. Skönt med miljöombyte och mycket hann vi med att uppleva i den avslappnande miljön som råder där!

Countdown has begun, 2 days left until race time. Looking forward to get out there again! Last 3 days has been good, perfect conditions with Colorado snow, hard, compact and grippy and then clear blue sky on top of that! I was able to push max with my back and that in combo with the conditions really makes we love this journey that I’m on!

Me and Maria had a 3 day break tighter with some coaches and service in Los Angeles, great days with new environment and lots of fun stuff to enjoy and watch!






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Bumpy road towards the goal

Sista månaderna har jag haft en hel del strul med min rygg. Det har påverkat mycket, både åkning, fysisk form, humör, motivation & planering! Att inte kunna göra vad jag vill pga av smärta, stelhet och kraftförlust är frustrerande, jag har varit med om det förr när jag skadat knäna men de fungerar på något sätt logiskt, ryggen är verkligen kärnan i kroppen och lever lite sitt eget liv ibland!
Ibland ser resan mot ett mål inte ut som man tänkt sig men då får man tänka om och göra nya vägar för att nå sitt mål.
Jag åker skidor och blir hela tiden starkare & njuter av vägen mot säsongen största mål nämligen VM i Vail =)

I´ve had troubles with my back the last months, it´s been effecting a lot of things like my skiing, physical performance, mood, motivation and planning!
Not be able to do what you want cause of pain, stiffness and lost of power is frustrating. I´ve had problems with the knees before but they are working logical, the back isn´t and its really the center of the body.
Sometimes the road towards the goal isn´t the way you planned but then you have to make your own ways to the same goal – a new game plan!
I´m skiing getting stronger and enjoy the road towards the biggest goal this season, World champs in Vail =)


Many nice January days in Stockholm / A lot of rehab on Bosön

Nu på plats i Steamboat springs, Colorado där vi tränat i 3 dagar. Härligt ställe med bra uppbackning från Caroline Lalive med crew som hjälper oss att få till bra träning. Caroline och jag tävlade mot varandra under mina första år i världscupen. Hon är en härlig frisk fläkt!
Sedan har vi lyxen att ha Karen Monsen som lagar all mat åt oss och guidar oss här i byn!

Now on place in Steamboat springs, Colorado where Carolina Lalive is taking care of us on the slopes, she´s an old happy and energetic racer that I was competing with the first years on the tour!
Then we have the luxury to have Karen Monsen cocking for us and guiding us around in the area!







Old town / Ski club kids came for some autographs / Cowgirls – Howdi howdy /
Afternoon relaxing / Best coach came for a short but nice visit / The view /
Running in the hot springs pool downtown


Last week my skiing started to feel the way I wanted again and I´m glad I performed a good race here in Åre.
Third after first run felt great and I had a good flow in the run, second run was really tight I had some small mistakes but still I finished 7th. It was only 0.13s from the podium and I´m happy about the feeling I had =)
It´s luxury for us to be at home and this week we will stay and train here in Åre, perfect to have some extra days on the race slope and then some easier training in Duved.




Photo: Nisse Smith
Photo: Nisse Smith

IMG_3174.JPGFun training with this guy – Ted Ligety today here in Åre. He is a great inspiration for me in GS!


Breakfast at Åre Bageri with this ladies that had a great weekend, Maria won the slalom race which is amazing and Frida ended up 3rd!



City week


Many walkes


Love this street views


Autumn colours still


Me and my friend took a facial treatmet on Day Spa, good to take care of the outside sometimes aswell!

A nice time at home has come to an end, enjoyable walkes in the neighborhood with autumn colour, it’s been pretty warm still.
Today it’s time to leave for the north part of Sweden, looks like it will be -15 tomorrow evening in Gällivare, time to bring the thick jacket out. Looking forward for Swedish winter!!

Då var det dags för lite svensk vinter, ska bli kul & skönt att få träna på hemmaplan.
Ser fram emot lite vinterlandskap, ska vara -15 i Gällivare i kväll så det blir till att ta tjock jackan med sig.
Har haft en bra vecka hemma, med många promenader i höstfärgerna samt träffat familj & vänner och rensat lite hemma!
Nu är det dags att dra, morsning.



Took a coffe with these lovely two :-)


World cup premiere

sölden -14
Photo: Nisse Smith

So now the season is finally started!
It’s always something special about the first race – new year, new skies, different clothes & helmet, one year older, exciting to see were you are compered to the others and so on.
It was a tough race this year, one of the toughest I skied here in Sölden during the 11 starts I had here. Why? It was icy, hard, breaking in the step and soft spots, flat light so a mix of all this.
It came 1 meter of new snow during 2 days just before the race so they manage it in a good way anyway.
I didn´t really find the mode where I could let the skies go full especially out on the flat, but on the top things were working! I finished 11 and that´s an ok start with those runs, it would have been worse if I felt that everything were fitting and then end up 11 but now I feel there is more to give =)

Now there´s a month until next race, will be nice spending time in Sweden both at home and in the north traning in the dark and cold!

Adios //Jessi

Nu är säsongen äntligen igång!
Det är alltid lite speciellt med årets första tävling – nya skidor, annorlunda kläder, hjälm och dräkt än året innan, ett år äldre, spännande att se vart man ligger mot de andra.
I år var det en tuff tävling, ett av de tuffaste åren av de 11 gånger jag startat i Sölden. Varför det? Jo det var en blandning av hård snö, is, mjukt samt att det släppte lite som små kocker på några ställen samt att det avr flat ljus. Det had ekommit en meter snö dagarna innan tävlingen så de fick ändå til det bra med tanke på det.
Jag kunde inte riktigt släppa på skidorna som jag hade velat, övre delen fungerade bra i båda åken men speciellt slutet på branten och ut på flacken där jag had etänkt mata ville sig inte riktigt, men jag känner att det finns hopp =)
Jag slutade på en 11:e plats vilket ändå är ok med tanke på att det inte vara några kanon åk.
Nu är det en månad till nästa tävling och mycket av den tiden spenderas i Sverige, både hemma och uppe i mörkret och förhoppningsvis kylan i norr för lite träning!

Vi hörs //Jessi


Audi pressconference


André Myhrer and his cute daughter Tove



 Part of the Rossignol team – Lojze and Maria


Race day morning


Best support on place!


Warm up course – should have brought a headlight

Summer goodies!

Just want to show you a little bit how my summer was like!
We had the warmest summer in 100 years in Sweden so I can not complain about the weather :-)
Nice trips in Stockholm’s archipelago with out motorboat, meeting friends and family, 2 lovely weddings,
a lot of sun & bath and for sure hard training in between. And travelling and moving around a lot, I get restless being to long on the same place..

Enjoy //Jessi

















New adventures

                                                              Åre 2019

Summer days is ticking by fast, we had some really nice warm days during the last weeks in May. I was home for about 3 weeks in a row :-) that’s not often, but then I started to feel restless, needed to travell a bit. It was good I had a trip planed to Barcelona for the FIS congress.
I had some really interesting days there and we got the chair of the athletes comission to be able to sit in the council, not with a voting right but she can discuss and let the athletes voice be heard at the highest level and then bring some information back to the athletes!


                                                         Athletes commission


                  Åres exhibition stand were they offered some Swedish goodies


And then Åre got the world championships 2019, that’s so fun and great for the nation Sweden, the alpine sport and the sports movement in general!!! Wihoo :-)

Then I had the chance to go to France to record a Swedish tv show “fångarna på fortet” on Fort Boyard outside La Rochelle on the west coast.
That´s was a real adventure, a game day for grown ups and it was fun meeting a lot of new people from different life styles and professions.



Fort Boyard



                             Swedens second strongest man – a good fight :-)

Then we celebrated Swedish midsummer on Gotland at my sisters place with a bunch of friends and kids!




Always happy times on a wedding day –  Dessan & Petter <3


Fun to meet in some other apparel than training clothes!

Adios Amigos //Jessica




Lessons learned, goals achieved and vacation done

2 a cupen

                 Happy moment – standing on the cup podium with a swedish friend

It´s been a crazy, funny, fast, interesting, dreamy, cool and lovely season. I´m very proud and pleased with what I achieved. It was also many new situations and things to learn about my self and to handle the pressure.
I want to thank everyone for their support and help from coaches, teammates, service, sponsors, family, friends, physios, without your pieces in the pussle I could never have done this!
Before the racing in Åre it was a lot of talk about the the GS globe. I forgot for a moment to focus on my skiing and didn´t feel the normal joy to race, I was not comfortable.
I love to race and that´s why I´m skiing, so day 2 in Åre I relaxed remembered why I´m doing this and then it was happy thoughts again!

pallen lenzerheide
                          3 rd place in Lenzerheide, 5th podium in GS this season
            This lady – Pernilla Wiberg gave me a lot of inspiration and made me dream                                about  podiums in the world cup when I was young

Rest mood
It was nice to get away on vacation, spend some more time Jonas, rest the body and brain and think of something totally different.

IMG_8432 IMG_8390 IMG_8266 IMG_8541 IMG_8485

Kram Jessica

Grande finale

Photo: Sophie Odelberg

Podium in Åre was a really emotional moment for me!







Good days in Åre with support from friends and family and great work from the organization. Beatiful up there as always!


The finish area in Lenzerheide

What an atmosphere here in Lenzerheide, fun to see.
So the last World cup race for this season is tomorrow. It will be an exciting race for sure. One of my dream goals since a long time will be achieved tomorrow, starting with Nr 1, cool :-)
Hope your cheering, good night.