Summer goodies!

Just want to show you a little bit how my summer was like!
We had the warmest summer in 100 years in Sweden so I can not complain about the weather :-)
Nice trips in Stockholm’s archipelago with out motorboat, meeting friends and family, 2 lovely weddings,
a lot of sun & bath and for sure hard training in between. And travelling and moving around a lot, I get restless being to long on the same place..

Enjoy //Jessi

















New adventures

                                                              Åre 2019

Summer days is ticking by fast, we had some really nice warm days during the last weeks in May. I was home for about 3 weeks in a row :-) that’s not often, but then I started to feel restless, needed to travell a bit. It was good I had a trip planed to Barcelona for the FIS congress.
I had some really interesting days there and we got the chair of the athletes comission to be able to sit in the council, not with a voting right but she can discuss and let the athletes voice be heard at the highest level and then bring some information back to the athletes!


                                                         Athletes commission


                  Åres exhibition stand were they offered some Swedish goodies


And then Åre got the world championships 2019, that’s so fun and great for the nation Sweden, the alpine sport and the sports movement in general!!! Wihoo :-)

Then I had the chance to go to France to record a Swedish tv show “fångarna på fortet” on Fort Boyard outside La Rochelle on the west coast.
That´s was a real adventure, a game day for grown ups and it was fun meeting a lot of new people from different life styles and professions.



Fort Boyard



                             Swedens second strongest man – a good fight :-)

Then we celebrated Swedish midsummer on Gotland at my sisters place with a bunch of friends and kids!




Always happy times on a wedding day –  Dessan & Petter <3


Fun to meet in some other apparel than training clothes!

Adios Amigos //Jessica




Lessons learned, goals achieved and vacation done

2 a cupen

                 Happy moment – standing on the cup podium with a swedish friend

It´s been a crazy, funny, fast, interesting, dreamy, cool and lovely season. I´m very proud and pleased with what I achieved. It was also many new situations and things to learn about my self and to handle the pressure.
I want to thank everyone for their support and help from coaches, teammates, service, sponsors, family, friends, physios, without your pieces in the pussle I could never have done this!
Before the racing in Åre it was a lot of talk about the the GS globe. I forgot for a moment to focus on my skiing and didn´t feel the normal joy to race, I was not comfortable.
I love to race and that´s why I´m skiing, so day 2 in Åre I relaxed remembered why I´m doing this and then it was happy thoughts again!

pallen lenzerheide
                          3 rd place in Lenzerheide, 5th podium in GS this season
            This lady – Pernilla Wiberg gave me a lot of inspiration and made me dream                                about  podiums in the world cup when I was young

Rest mood
It was nice to get away on vacation, spend some more time Jonas, rest the body and brain and think of something totally different.

IMG_8432 IMG_8390 IMG_8266 IMG_8541 IMG_8485

Kram Jessica

Grande finale

Photo: Sophie Odelberg

Podium in Åre was a really emotional moment for me!







Good days in Åre with support from friends and family and great work from the organization. Beatiful up there as always!


The finish area in Lenzerheide

What an atmosphere here in Lenzerheide, fun to see.
So the last World cup race for this season is tomorrow. It will be an exciting race for sure. One of my dream goals since a long time will be achieved tomorrow, starting with Nr 1, cool :-)
Hope your cheering, good night.

Skiing again

Åre was showing its best side these last days. Beatiful sunsets, clear sky, good conditions on the slope. Good training company & it was fun and nice to ski again! Thanks for the federation office people helping out with training, they have a big heart for the sport and since our coaches has been all over the world last days their help was really valuable.

Now back home for some days and then gathering with the whole team again next week in Åre 😀




had a nice wood burning sauna last weekend with Jonas, perfect recovery after a nice birthday party for some friends!


last evening from Sochi

Drömmen som inte blev verklighet

Mycket tankar har kommit och gått sista dygnen för min del. Jag kom hem tomhänt utan medalj, inte som i mina drömmar med någonting skinande runt halsen. Jag hade förberett mig väl, gick in med inställningen att köra järnet som vanligt.
Nervös på morgonkvisten, kändes i magen att idag var dagen jag väntat på så länge. Kunde köra min grej i första åket, åkningen fanns där, bra tempo och ja låg på en andra plats inför det andra åket en halvsekund efter ledande Tina Maze.
Det var vädermässigt en tuff dag, med mycket regn, snöblask och dimma som kom och gick och som resultat av det blir ju även underlaget lidande men det saltades till tusen för att få det att hålla ihop.
I det andra åket, stämde det inte längre, jag kom inte in i åkningen från början, missade spåren som blivit, fastande i hål i banan, glasögonen snöade igen så jag fick dra bort det med handsken under åkets gång, jag var i otakt och det blev en alltmer statisk åkning, i sista branten tänkte jag ändå att det kanske känns så här för alla? Men icke, jag kom imål på en 6:e plats och luften gick ut mig totalt, besvikelsen var enorm, drömmen blev inte verklighet och jag hade en chans som jag aldrig kommer få tillbaka, detta var mitt sista OS jag var i mitt livs form och jag försökte men räckte inte till…
Många tårar senare var det dags att ta sig hemåt och packa ihop, men jag är glad att jag har så fina tränare och lagkamrater som sa många väl valda ord!

Nu är det dags att blicka framåt, jag har fortfarande 3 WC tävlingar kvar och en cup att försöka vinna, två av dessa tävlingar körs på hemmaplan i Åre. Jag mår bra är frisk och hel och livet består ju av annat än bara skidåkning även om den utgör en stor del av min tid. Detta är sportens värld!

Nu ska jag heja järnet på mina grymma teammates i morgondagens slalom, Maria & Frida är i topp form och de har fina möjligheter för medaljer!! Forza Forza

bild 1, Daniel Stiller Bildbyrån

Photo: Daniel Stiller /Bildbyrå

My dreams about a Olympic medal didn´t come true, I came home without this shining thing around my neck. I did my preparations, I was as prepared as I could be, but it didn´t go my way. I had a good first run, second place after Tina Maze half a second behind. But in the second run I never find the rhythm, the tempo or the tracks, I was behind, late in the tracks hit some holes and my goggles got blocked from the snow/rain. It was a tough day with the rain, snow and fog and the snow got pretty rough.
Skiing got more and more static, but I kept thinking positive, maybe it does feel like this for everyone, but not.. I was 6th in the finish and ended up 7th in the end.
The disappointment was brutal, I knew this was once in a life time chance, I will never ski the Olympics again and I blew the chance..
But life goes on, after a lot of tears and good support from family, friends and teammates and coaches I´m now looking forward for the upcoming 3 wc races and 2 of them we will have in Åre!! I will try to rech my other dream, to win the Giantslalom globe.
This is the world of sports!

bild 2, Mina härliga teammates

My lovely teammates!

bild 3; Christian Thoma, min ansvarige tränare samt våran förbundskapten Fredrik Steinwall

Christian Thoma & Fredrik Steinwall have a big part in our success this winter

bild 4; Detta var det jag såg av Sochi, vid inflygningen!

This is what I saw of Sochi – from the plane on arriving day

Bild 5, Fint i Rosa Kuhtor by
Rosa Khutor
bild 6, happy faces bild 7, SWE kittad på presskonferens